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    Dan Kemp

    Hi Aaron,

    Are you using Google Translate? I find it very difficult to understand some of your questions. But I'll try and answer what I can.

    1. The maximum no. of pages is 999, but don't think of your book in terms of no. of pages, think of it in terms of file size. If your book is around 300MB large, the iPad will have problems transferring the book to other apps.

    2. Have you tried using a cloud service like Dropbox?

    Having said that, if your book is too large, that may be the problem. Tap the Inspector below your book in the My Books screen to see how large the file is.

    1. Not sure what you mean here. If this is the main issue you're going to have to explain in more detail what you are losing from your books, and the steps you are taking. What do you mean by "push" books?

    2. I presume you mean printing your book to moleskine notebook size? You'd probably need to export your book as a PDF and then try and resize the PDF. I'm not sure about any services that can help with this.

    3. Check this article for working with audio:

    4. Yes, you can save your books to iCloud too. Tap on the export icon below your book and make sure you have iCloud Drive switched on.

    Hope that helps

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