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    Dan Kemp

    Hi Giovanni, I see your idea. Importing whole PDF files into Book Creator would be a big step for us to take. At the moment it is possible to take a screenshot of a PDF file (as viewed on your iPad) and use that from your Camera roll. 

    There are other apps out there that allow you to annotate PDFs (for your other idea).

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    Giovani Faccin

    Thinking about it, there's an alternative: the option to insert a folder of images, one image per page, already resized to fill each page, automatically. This would eliminate the manual labor of adding one image at a time in order to create the book.

    Consider this scenario: guy's got a pdf with 70 slides in it. Using pdftk + imagemagick, one can easily write a script to turn the material into lossless png images, named like 1.png, 2.png and so on. Now to bring that to bookcreator, one would not like to add one image at a time and manually resize it so that it fills the book's page. Then this batch import of images would come to play, thus creating a book template, which can then be further edited using the app.

    So maybe the option to batch import images would be enough to enable a better integration of the app with other production suites.

    My point is that, even though there are good pdf annotators out there, pdf itself is not good when multimedia content comes to play (try to watch a pdf with an embedded video in linux, for example). Epub, on the other side, handles multimedia better, and is portable across architectures. This advantage could make an epub editor, like this app, gain momentum ahead of pdf annotators. However, people who have a lot of material already written in pdf won't want to rewrite all from scratch. So some sort of compatibility between the two has to be achieved.

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    Giovani Faccin

    Err, sorry about my previous comment. There are plenty ways to achieve pdf to epub compatibility. :)

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