Guides like in Illustrator and Indesign, etc.

Not planned



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    Dan Kemp

    Hi Tomm, 

    Tap the page Inspector and you'll see guides in the Editor Settings - I'm guessing you have them switched off?

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    Jakob Hede

    It makes no apparent difference if 'Guides' are switched on or off!

    What are they supposed to look like???

    It appears to be a non-functional button pretending to provide a functionality, that does not exist.


    Please educate me.

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    Dan Amos

    The guides are green lines that appear when an item is edge aligned with another item, or with the edges or centre of the page. To see these you'll need 'Show Guides' switched on, and it will be clearest with "Snap to Guides" also enabled.

    This is slightly different to Tomm's feature request - we don't have the ability to explicitly place guides onto a page currently.


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