Crop images and background removal




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    Innes Kennard

    Adding to Richard's comments - Absolutely yes to instant alpha. I now it is possible with apps like Eraser  but with young kids every extra step makes it more challenging. Would also love to be able to 'cut' pieces out of an image in the same way as the lasso works in Explain Everything or the puppets in Puppet Pals. This would really allow a highly visual freeform approach. 

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    I would like to see this also. It would be very helpful for my primary students. I love that they can take the photo from within the app, but without the ability to crop with the app also it is not as usecular as it could be. I saw another support request for this ability daged at least two years ago that mentioned that they were going to be adoing cropping, however it has yet to appear.

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