What is the red bar that comes up when i try to stretch a photo across an entire page? How do I make it go away go size photos however I please?




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    Dan Kemp

    Hi Gail,

    That red bar is for iBooks - to allow space to turn the pages. But that only applies to video or audio - not images? Are you saying you can't resize a photo or do you mean a video?

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    Gail Kelly

    Hello Dan, 

    Thanks for your help! I tried with both a video and a GIF and they wouldn't go all the way across but I will try with photos. Does that mean the space white space on the edge of the page will not show up when published to iBooks? Also is there anyway to have the video play automatically when the reader turns the page?

    Thanks again!

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    Dan Amos

    Hello Gail,

    When you export to iBooks (and you can try this at any time) the red bar won't be visible. This is just to prevent videos or audio being placed in that area, otherwise the reader of your books wouldn't be able to press the buttons - iBooks always makes a tap in that area turn the page. 

    There's no way to play the video automatically right now, but this is a great idea for a future improvement - thanks!


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