Book Creator is in the wrong language?




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    Dan Amos

    How to fix this

    1. Open the Settings app on your iPad

    2. Change the language to English, under General -> International -> Language

    3. Wait for your iPad to change its language

    4. Now change the language back to your normal language (e.g. Danish)

    Book Creator should now appear in English.

    Why did this happen?

    Even though you can only set one language for your iPad it actually stores a list of preferred languages. With the user above they had Danish as their 1st language and the iPad had Chinese as their 2nd preferred language. Book Creator isn't translated into Danish, but it is in Chinese so the iPad displayed the app using that translation. After they followed the steps above they would have had Danish in 1st place, followed by English.

    How the iPad choose Chinese as the user's 2nd language is hard to say, but it's not just Book Creator that can be caught this way. The Apple Support forums are full of discussions about apps appearing in the wrong language.

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    Øivind Brauer

    I have the same problem, tried this and in a way, it helped. It now appears in english, but some of the books are still in chinese. However that is only in the area beneath the headline, where it says "author" and so on...those lines are still in chinese. But not all the books. When I create a new book, it's in english again and I think we'll leave it there. Thanks for your support.  Øivind, Kongsberg, Norway

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    Dan Kemp

    Hi Øivind,

    When you say some of the books, which books are still displaying Chinese? Is it the Getting Started manual? You can reset this tutorial book by tapping the Inspector beneath it and choosing 'Reset tutorial'.

    If you've copied the original tutorial book, these will still display in Chinese - you'd need to update the info. manually.

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