How to combine books on different iPads




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    Dan Amos

    You need to transfer the books onto a single iPad before you combine them. Here are example steps for Dropbox, but it would be very similar using Google Drive, Evernote, or some other storage service such as Edmodo and Showbie.

    1. Install the Dropbox app on the iPads.
    2. Chose “Open in Dropbox” from Book Creator on each iPad, and put the books in a shared location in Dropbox.
    3. On one iPad open Dropbox and for each shared epub file chose “Open in Book Creator”
    4. Now all the books will be stored on one iPad and can be combined.
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    Isabelle Cameron

    Hi Christina

    You can use the app Dropcopy to transfer books from ipad to ipad as well as from ipad to your computer (Mac). There is a free 'lite' version for the ipad and the Mac version is also free. It works via wi-fi and it handles large files well. I regularly use this method with my students.

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