syncing laptop and ipad book creator




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    Dan Kemp

    Hi Sabrina. You mean you used Book Creator for Windows? It's not an automatic sync - you need to share your book as an ePub file (click on the 3 dots on your book on the home screen).

    Then send your book to an iPad (email, or use a cloud app).

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    Yvonne Hynson


    I have a similar problem. The books were created in ibook Author on a laptop, exported to a desktop folder as epub or ibook.  I am not sure what to do right now.  Managed to crack the protective cover, took it in for repair and have subsequently mislaid the Sim card so can't use the ipad right now until I get one tomorrow.  Is there any way I can use Book Creator on my Imac Pro laptop?

    cheers Yvonne

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